March 2008

The coffee and tea that has been accompaning me through many nights while writing my final year report and technical paper.

The coffee was bought in NTUC about $5 for 15 packs and the rooibos tea was bought online about $7 for 30 packs. Rooibos tea is great for drinking through the night because it contains no caffeine and is low in tannin (the substance that cause roughness in your tongue when you drink too much tea).

Comments: But tea just can’t compare to the aroma of coffee, just smells and taste too shiok to resist


Below are some of my favourite food blogs take a look – very detailed and organised sure will find something you like here (quite alot about Jap food also) – alot about cafes and small restaurants even has a photo of his receipt for your reference -about every single meal the guy ate is found here – written by a doctor, alot of very down to earth hawker food joints for reference

Really stressed up this few weeks bought a book to relief some stress.

This book is basically a book filled with comic strips about guys during National Service and those still going through re-service. I decided to buy this book because the author was from an armour unit(same as myself).
Too bad not a lot of stuff about armour, perhaps to attract a more general audience from other vocations.
Found it a bit too short, wished that it could cover more stuff like the training during NS.

The book was written by this guy costs $7.95 at TIMES bookshop
Not a bad read for those yearning for a dose of nostalgia

comments: There was another book about NS but after flipping through, the overwhelming pages of words prompted me to get the one above.

Check out the talking Elmo from sesame street
I didn’t like the TV program very much as a kid but this Elmo is cool

The full article here