April 2008

3rd paper model I made a few months back.

I though I’ll post this when I finish it but I don’t think I’ll have time to finish it anytime soon.

Here’s the unfinished product.
It was hard to do because the instructions were not very clear and it was in japanese. The translation helped alot.

Note that the wings can move up and down. There’s a more difficult one available that consist of 70pg. But I think I’m satisfied with this one.

you can download it here and the translation in english is here

Have Fun!


Went to Yoshida for the first time. The exterior and interior gives a very cosy feel.

Picture of the table top, ordered my usual drink green tea.
I think green tea just goes well with the food

Compliment Appetizer: A very well seasoned grilled fish, meat is quite chewy should be something like garoupa or similar fish.

Hot Pot of uni (sea urchin), kani (snow crab) and mushrooms with cheese/butter like sause. Yes it is empty cause I finished everything before I took this photo.

Chawanmushi, there’s prawn, mushroom and a ginko nut inside. The chef has sprinkled some orange zest on it to give it a citrus taste to it. I scoop a mouthful that’s why the surface is not smooth

clams in butter sauce(asari butter itame) Ate half of them which is why it looks like there so little left.

Sushi Platter, there is squid, sweet prawn, saba, otoro (marbled tuna), eel, salmon eggs and a white fish. Yummy

Sushi Platter, Aburi (blow torch seared) style similar kind of fish as above. No ikura (salmon eggs) on the plate cause I don’t think aburi salmon eggs is possible.

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Comments: You need to try this if you want to try really good japanese sushi

Sushi Yoshida
10 Devonshire Road
Tel: 6735 5014
Lunch: 12pm to 3pm – Monday to Saturday
Dinner: 6pm to midnight – Monday to Sunday