May 2008

This is the second time to Paramount, the last time was way before I setup this blog.
The menu remained pretty much unchanged after the last couple of years.
The standard of the the food is still pretty good. Lots of pictures and I can’t remember some of the food I ordered also.

Take note that there is a minimum of 4 persons required for buffet.

(The minimal portion to order is for 4) So you can order reduced portions i.e order for 4 if you have more than 4 people so that you can try more dishes.

Prawn and fruit salad. Very refreshing

Wasabi Prawn

Scallops with celery and carrots (No u cannot order scallops without the celery)

The dips and seasonings for the food

Beef with potatoes (The taste was good but doesn’t look too appealing)

Can’t remember what this is fried tou fu, wanton or something

Duck and chicken platter (Too much of it and had some problem finishing it)

Shishamo (Pregnant fish) Would be better if this was more crispy

Peking Duck (Limited to 2 per person)

Shake (Salmon sashimi) with Maki (California roll) The fish was surprisingly fresh we ordered this again without the maki.

Mini buddha jump over the wall (Limited to 1 per person)
Soup was nice but don’t expect too much at $33.80)

Soft shell crab, again not crispy enough suspect that the chef not too good at frying

Live prawn (200grams per person)

Tilapia fish

Pork bell with Jelly fish (Putien had a similar dish taste way better)

Ostrich meat (Taste like dear meat)

Mini octopus

Bamboo pigeon soup (minced pigeon with cashew nut at the bottom)

Yam ring with sweet sour pork, I though it was suppose to come with cashew nut in the middle

Fish maw and mushroom

Dessert Time

Mango sago

Herbal Jelly

Almond tofu with logan

Ice cream puff (not very nice too dry)

Cost:$33.80++ for Dinner

Remarks: The place is pretty sleazy a lot of Pubs and KTVs situated in this so called “Shopping center” Rent must be cheap for tung lok to make money

The Paramount
30 East Coast Road #01-01/02
Paramount Hotel & Shopping Arcade
Singapore 428751
Tel :+65 6440 3233
Fax:+65 6440 1933


The second time visiting this restaurant. This time I’ve managed to take photos of the food while it is still untouched.

The menu in Japanese and English

Free compliment Appetiser (Some sort of salad with diced chicken)

Tako (Octopus) sweet tasting

The chinaware

Chawanmushi again this time uneaten

Mentaiko (Spicy fish eggs) A bit too dry taste ok

Aburi Sushi (Blow torched sushi) Thinking of the sushi at yoshida

The raw counterpart half eaten

Remarks: Regular customers there seems to have special service with special appetisers. Too bad twice doesn’t count me in the club.

SAKURAYA Sashimi house
370 Alexandra Road
#01-32 Anchorpoint
Singapore 159953
Tel:6474 2495


Table setting

Some complementary cabbage, lemon juice, miso sauce to refresh your tongue from the yakitori

Sea weed, texture like jelly with vinegar, acquired taste…

Meat Balls and pork with apple

Garlic rice very fragrant. Eat this to fill your stomach

Egg plant with miso, this egg plant or brinjal looks so weird roundish. Taste good with miso paste

Dessert Yuzu ice cream in Mochi the “cage” is made with sugar very¬† prickly eat with caution

Remarks: The food is great but the price is on the high side, will go only when I feel a need for a celebration

No. 5 Koek Road
#04-05 Cuppage Plaza
Singapore 228796
Tel: 6734 342
Fax:6235 9121

Today is the end of my University Study life.
So to commemorate this day I went for some “Makan”.

Initially I thought that this was a chain of Sakura Restaurant under the Suki group.
Hence I got a good surprise that it was not.
The restaurant seems to be run by Malaysians from their accents.
Very friendly people however I think they were a bit short handed as the waitress and waiter was “running” around nevertheless the food was served promptly.

First up were green tea and a complimentary starter (bowl on the left). Looked like tea leaves initially but couldn’t make out what it was tasted like beans with some peanuts inside. Not bad for free stuff.

Next up was chawanmushi, very nice and the chicken inside was very tender with lots of ingredients. I think one of the best I have tasted yummy.

There was ginko nut, prawn, chicken cubes, japanese fish cake and mushrooms.

Chirashi Bento Set $30, I think it’s quite value for money with so much stuff even during dinner time.
The sashimi was fresh with nice cuts no sinewy parts there are tuna and seabass. They added sesame, seaweed, ikura and some flower (which I think is chrysanthemum) and some stuff that look like fig leaves to the rice. The sesame and the sushi rice blended very well but either the “fig leaves” or the flowers contributed to a weird after taste. Only complains were that the wasabi didn’t taste good seems to be like those out of tubes, sushi rice was abit on the sour side and the prawn was also sour(Why is the prawn sour?)

I also had uni sushi which I ate it all up, no complains here.

Remarks: A nice place to go for dinner much better quality food than chain restaurant like sakae and suki sushi and should be cheaper compared to Yoshida, Boton, Aoki and like restaurant.

SAKURAYA Sashimi house
370 Alexandra Road
#01-32 Anchorpoint
Singapore 159953
Tel:6474 2495

Made this sometime ago while I was getting some relief from exams
Quite interesting no glue is needed just your everyday pen knife will do. Take about 10minutes to get it fixed.

Taken from this website

I found out about this website from
Paperforest is really very informative with lots of interesting stuff that talks about almost everything that deals with paper.
You need to view the site to know what I’m talking about just look at this

Talk about creativity.