Many-a-times it is good to go back to the basics to be sure of what we know.

Bought a new book the Westminster Larger Catechism. Wanted to get the Shorter Catechism but the one sold at SKS was not the one I was looking.

This is a Q&A books that covers most of the fundemental questions and teachings about Christianity, the book also give loads of bible quotes and explanations to defend its arguments. I belive this Q&A style do help us to remember the doctrines better. Although the book is not exhaustive,  I think it will definately help get us those bible quotes handy when we need to get references and quick answers to those questions which we can just blurt off but may find ourselves having some difficulty expressing it or finding the bible references.

Hope to be able to spent some time to really go through it.
For those new to the faith I really recommend The Westminster Shorter Catechism.


Really stressed up this few weeks bought a book to relief some stress.

This book is basically a book filled with comic strips about guys during National Service and those still going through re-service. I decided to buy this book because the author was from an armour unit(same as myself).
Too bad not a lot of stuff about armour, perhaps to attract a more general audience from other vocations.
Found it a bit too short, wished that it could cover more stuff like the training during NS.

The book was written by this guy costs $7.95 at TIMES bookshop
Not a bad read for those yearning for a dose of nostalgia

comments: There was another book about NS but after flipping through, the overwhelming pages of words prompted me to get the one above.