At last I found the mood to get this post up. This is the second time I’ve been to this restaurant. I would suppose this would be the most value for money french restaurant for the food offered. A picture speaks a thousand words. I’m quoting the name of the dishes off the website and I’ll try to explain if I can remember.

The table top

Vegetable sticks and 4 kinds of butter for bread(free flow). There are chili, pepper, normal and another kind of butter which I can’t remember

There are 3 kinds of bread, the above has raisin while the one below is plain bread but very crispy

A small menu given to us to keep us aware of the various dishes

AMUSES BOUCHE assorted nibble platter to whet the appetite
The cup on the right is soup, crab/prawn cake in the middle and some diced seafood on the left with a piece of bacon.

HOMARD AUX NOIX DE MACADAM macadamia nut crusted lobster millefeuille with tartare of tomato confit, yuzu lemon and momotaro scented couscous salad, wild herbs and zucchini gratin
Strong nutty macadamia taste with generous portions of lobster. Momotaro tomatoes are supposely sweeter than the average tomato.

JAMBON D’ESPAGNE EN TAPAS spanish ham with musk melon marshmallow, fleur de sel crusted japanese tomato, smoked mozzarella, crispy pickled garlic, stuffed baby squid and goat cheese bruschetta
The orangy sponge on the right is the marshmallow and the white triangle is cheese and the ring is stuffed squid and ham

VICHYSSOISE AUX OURSINS roasted organic cauliflower vichyssoise with steamed sea urchin chawanmushi, oscetra caviar, herb infused toast and milk emulsion
Sea urchin with something like cheese infusion below and a nice tasting “soup-like” drink can’t remember the name but texture was very smooth.

homemade cherry tomato tart tatin with grilled red mullet fillet, warm salad of pickled summer vegetables and coriander scented olive oil dressing
The fish goes well with the olive oil but not a fan of the complimenting vegetables

FOIE GRAS AUX POULPES PRESSES pressed foie gras terrine and octopus salad with homemade lemon oil, poilane bread tuile and organic leaves
This is one of my favourite, the foie gras terrine goes well with the free flow bread and I wonder how they made the thin layer of octopus at the bottom remarkable.

FOIE GRAS CLASSIQUE classic pan-fried foie gras with caramelised green apples and old port sauce
Ok this photo looks terrible because I ate up most of the foie gras before I realise I forgotten to take the photo, this is a signature dish of Saint Pierre, the apples however were a bit too sour for my taste buds

Pineapple Sorbet
No fanciful name for this but it’s light and refreshing after the appetizers

SAUMON ECOSSAIS pompadour potato crusted wild scottish salmon with yuzu leaf scented onion udon, homemade lobstertaragon tortellini and basil oil poached cherry tomato bourgogne rouge cuvee gerard 2003 nicolas potel
Someone else took this dish but I got a taste of it, I still prefer salmon to be done sashimi style, abit too cooked for me, the tortellini was slighly hard too

POULET DE BRESSE RATATOUILLE roasted french patte jaune chicken with papilotte of organic summer
vegetable ratatouille, duck essence infused corn chips, lemon and rosemary infused dressing
This dish I think tastes better than the salmon, the chicken was cooked to the right consistency, not too hard or too soggy, the corn chips was interesting, the ratatouille was an acquired taste, not terrible but was just weird for me.

Lemon slices for our cold water

CITRUS pink grapefruit segments with orange and kalamansi infused with earl grey tea and lemon sorbet
Another refreshing dessert, lots of work must have been done to remove the segments so nicely with out the skin

GATEAU AU CHOCOLAT homemade flourless belgian chocolate cake with passion fruit ice-cream,
confit of orange zest and raspberry coulis
This was the last dish and was really very very very full, enjoyed the crunchy bits of sugar under the ice-cream

Ended off with fruit tea to complete the expereince. Very aromatic and I was very full and satisfied

Remark: Please go on an empty stomach when ordering the degustation menu or you may not be able to finish the food.

Saint Pierre The Restaurant
3 Magazine Road, #01-01 Central Mall
Singapore 059570 
Tel: 65 – 6438 0887
Fax: 65 – 6438 4887