Recently bought a pair of new headphones after reading reviews at head-fi

Why the AKG K550?

  • Can be driven without amplifiers
  • Comfortable (won’t press onto your ears)
  • Good sound isolation (especially if you have a noisy surrounding)
  • Value for money (semi-pro to pro sounding)
  • Visually appealing

The only unfortunate thing was that it sounded better than my speakers [Harman Kardon SoundSticks II]
May have to consider upgrading the speakers now.

AKG K550



Realised that this is hardest project yet.

Get it here:

May not update soon.

Saw a very nice rubbish bin by Simple Human at a Home-Fix DIY shop. Wanted to get it for a long time and I finally got it.

The shiny bin just gives a bit more motivation to clear my rubbish. Check out the website, there’s a lot of nice stuff to brighten up the house.

Made a trip to the Botanic Gardens sometime ago, the placed has changed drastically from yester years.  It has included many other attractions such as the ginger garden, herb and spice garden, medicinal garden and a whole schedule of performances lined up at the symphony lake; the Singapore Symphonic Orchestra is a regular performer at the lake too. The Singapore national flower the orchid Vanda Miss Joaquim can also be found there.

It’s not too crowded with lots of open area, a great place for picnics and families to spend there time lazing around.

Look at all the clouds, so beautiful.

The garden, I should have taken better pictures but here’s what I have

All our barang barang (Stuff)

Not forgetting the food!!!

Singapore Botanic Gardens
1 Cluny Road
Singapore 259569

Made this sometime ago while I was getting some relief from exams
Quite interesting no glue is needed just your everyday pen knife will do. Take about 10minutes to get it fixed.

Taken from this website

I found out about this website from
Paperforest is really very informative with lots of interesting stuff that talks about almost everything that deals with paper.
You need to view the site to know what I’m talking about just look at this

Talk about creativity.

3rd paper model I made a few months back.

I though I’ll post this when I finish it but I don’t think I’ll have time to finish it anytime soon.

Here’s the unfinished product.
It was hard to do because the instructions were not very clear and it was in japanese. The translation helped alot.

Note that the wings can move up and down. There’s a more difficult one available that consist of 70pg. But I think I’m satisfied with this one.

you can download it here and the translation in english is here

Have Fun!

Check out the talking Elmo from sesame street
I didn’t like the TV program very much as a kid but this Elmo is cool

The full article here

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