Went to Kuriya for the first time. The environment and the food was great but the price-tag was on the high side. Took some pictures but looked really blur cause was using my handphone. Will post the photos later

Very Late update but here goes

That’s all folks.


Taken with my handphone pardon the poor quality pics

Went for buffet dinner with my colleagues.
Variety was ok but the seafood was not too fresh but for $26+ can’t ask for too much some more paid by the company.

Got warned by the chef for taking to many pics. But I’m giving free advert here oh well…

Fried Stuff

Seafood in ice not too fresh didn’t take the shell fish just a few prawns

More seafood

California roll

More California rolls

nigri sushi

Cold dish

Pasta and clam sticks

Sashimi and yes the prawn is raw (Looks to menacing to try)

More sashimi

Lots of deserts but not nice very hard

The pudding was not bad since it was readymade

Some fruits at the bottom

Ice cream with lots of flavours.

Grilled food

Remarks: I won’t go to sakura again on my own since there are many much better buffets. Maybe the other chains are better

Sakura International Buffet Restaurant
Jurong West Sports & Recreation Centre
20 Jurong West St 93 #02-06/07, Singapore 648965
Tel: 6899 8197
Website: http://www.sukigroup.com.sg/website/sakura.htm

The second time visiting this restaurant. This time I’ve managed to take photos of the food while it is still untouched.

The menu in Japanese and English

Free compliment Appetiser (Some sort of salad with diced chicken)

Tako (Octopus) sweet tasting

The chinaware

Chawanmushi again this time uneaten

Mentaiko (Spicy fish eggs) A bit too dry taste ok

Aburi Sushi (Blow torched sushi) Thinking of the sushi at yoshida

The raw counterpart half eaten

Remarks: Regular customers there seems to have special service with special appetisers. Too bad twice doesn’t count me in the club.

SAKURAYA Sashimi house
370 Alexandra Road
#01-32 Anchorpoint
Singapore 159953
Tel:6474 2495


Table setting

Some complementary cabbage, lemon juice, miso sauce to refresh your tongue from the yakitori

Sea weed, texture like jelly with vinegar, acquired taste…

Meat Balls and pork with apple

Garlic rice very fragrant. Eat this to fill your stomach

Egg plant with miso, this egg plant or brinjal looks so weird roundish. Taste good with miso paste

Dessert Yuzu ice cream in Mochi the “cage” is made with sugar very  prickly eat with caution

Remarks: The food is great but the price is on the high side, will go only when I feel a need for a celebration

No. 5 Koek Road
#04-05 Cuppage Plaza
Singapore 228796
Tel: 6734 342
Fax:6235 9121

Today is the end of my University Study life.
So to commemorate this day I went for some “Makan”.

Initially I thought that this was a chain of Sakura Restaurant under the Suki group.
Hence I got a good surprise that it was not.
The restaurant seems to be run by Malaysians from their accents.
Very friendly people however I think they were a bit short handed as the waitress and waiter was “running” around nevertheless the food was served promptly.

First up were green tea and a complimentary starter (bowl on the left). Looked like tea leaves initially but couldn’t make out what it was tasted like beans with some peanuts inside. Not bad for free stuff.

Next up was chawanmushi, very nice and the chicken inside was very tender with lots of ingredients. I think one of the best I have tasted yummy.

There was ginko nut, prawn, chicken cubes, japanese fish cake and mushrooms.

Chirashi Bento Set $30, I think it’s quite value for money with so much stuff even during dinner time.
The sashimi was fresh with nice cuts no sinewy parts there are tuna and seabass. They added sesame, seaweed, ikura and some flower (which I think is chrysanthemum) and some stuff that look like fig leaves to the rice. The sesame and the sushi rice blended very well but either the “fig leaves” or the flowers contributed to a weird after taste. Only complains were that the wasabi didn’t taste good seems to be like those out of tubes, sushi rice was abit on the sour side and the prawn was also sour(Why is the prawn sour?)

I also had uni sushi which I ate it all up, no complains here.

Remarks: A nice place to go for dinner much better quality food than chain restaurant like sakae and suki sushi and should be cheaper compared to Yoshida, Boton, Aoki and like restaurant.

SAKURAYA Sashimi house
370 Alexandra Road
#01-32 Anchorpoint
Singapore 159953
Tel:6474 2495

Went to Yoshida for the first time. The exterior and interior gives a very cosy feel.

Picture of the table top, ordered my usual drink green tea.
I think green tea just goes well with the food

Compliment Appetizer: A very well seasoned grilled fish, meat is quite chewy should be something like garoupa or similar fish.

Hot Pot of uni (sea urchin), kani (snow crab) and mushrooms with cheese/butter like sause. Yes it is empty cause I finished everything before I took this photo.

Chawanmushi, there’s prawn, mushroom and a ginko nut inside. The chef has sprinkled some orange zest on it to give it a citrus taste to it. I scoop a mouthful that’s why the surface is not smooth

clams in butter sauce(asari butter itame) Ate half of them which is why it looks like there so little left.

Sushi Platter, there is squid, sweet prawn, saba, otoro (marbled tuna), eel, salmon eggs and a white fish. Yummy

Sushi Platter, Aburi (blow torch seared) style similar kind of fish as above. No ikura (salmon eggs) on the plate cause I don’t think aburi salmon eggs is possible.

More reviews here

Comments: You need to try this if you want to try really good japanese sushi

Sushi Yoshida
10 Devonshire Road
Tel: 6735 5014
Lunch: 12pm to 3pm – Monday to Saturday
Dinner: 6pm to midnight – Monday to Sunday

Had a quick lunch at clementi Sumo House

Had a bento set and a side dish. Green tea is FREE!!!


Bento Set (Prawn, Salmon, Prawn Roe, fish floss and vegetable tempura)
Pretty decent with the price I paid. Salmon was surprisingly fresh

The miso soup taste quite different from normal, I wonder if they added tea or something

Cold Toufu (Too salty for my liking, the toufu was not as soft as I expected)


Remarks: Not too shabby, a nice place for a quick meal with friends

451 Clementi Avenue 3
Singapore 120451
Telephone: (65) 6777-5664
Website: http://www.sumohouse.com
Category: Japanese